Ennon & Co assists prisoners to resolve their difficulties with the authorities in the quickest and most effective manner possible.

Whilst trying to resolve the problem through correspondence with the prison’s complaint procedure and Ombudsman scheme will usually produce results, we are also skilled in identifying and bringing challenges through the courts if the non-contentious route should not prove effective.

Court proceedings on behalf of prisoners to protect their rights and to ensure procedural fairness are usually dealt with by way of judicial review. This is a complex procedure where a thorough understanding of the system is vital. Ennon & Co will pursue cases of injustice through these channels but in cases where judicial review is unsuccessful or inappropriate, we will advise concerning pursuing the matter to the European Court of Human Rights.

We can provide advice and written on oral representation in the following circumstances:

  • Adjudications before an outside District Judge
  • Representations at Governors’ adjudications
  • Applying for parole or appealing against the refusal of parole
  • Prisoners facing the discretionary lifer panel
  • Prisoners on licence recall
  • Prisoners with unresolved complaints
  • Over restrictive licence conditions

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