There are broadly five categories of prisons:

  • Local prisons for un-convicted and short-term prisoners.
  • Dispersal prisons for high security prisoners.
  • Training prisons for long-term prisoners who do not need the highest security.
  • Category C prisons, which are closed but have less internal security.
  • Open prisons for prisoners not believed to be a risk to the public or in danger of escaping.

Following the initial assessment the category status is then reviewed regularly - usually at the annual Sentence Planning Board / RAM Board reviews. If you believe your category is up for review then we can help.

Licence and Parole Issues

Many convicted prisoners must apply to the Parole Board for early release. The provisions differ for the various sentences. Ennon and Co has experience in dealing with those provisions and can assist with all parole issues.

Lifer Cases

All lifers are now broadly entitled to a hearing that is aimed at determining whether they are suitable for release. The Parole Board will consider this application at an oral hearing. The hearings are conducted in the holding prison and the prisoner is fully entitled to legal assistance and representation.  We will be happy to assist at all stages of this procedure.



Any prisoner who is alleged to have breached a prison rule can be made subject to disciplinary proceedings. Ennon and Co can help prepare your case and assist with the hearing.

Judicial Review

Any decision made by a public official or official body can be challenged.  This principle applies to any decision made by a prison governor, probation officer or the Parole Board. A challenge to such a decision by way of Judicial Review is a civil law application to the High Court. There is a strict three month time limit with such cases so early contact with us is essential.