Notable Cases

Murder/Grave offences

  • R v Tran Quang Hung (2015) - man accused of murdering his lover's husband using a giant wooden pestle. Not guilty of murder.
  • R V LFM & 6 Others (2010)- involving murder, possession of firearms with intent to endanger life, robbery and perverting the course of justice.
  • R V M (2009) - man accused of killing an acquaintance with an axe
  • R V GLV & Others (2009) - gang-murder, false imprisonment and kidnap
  • R V JE (2007)- 17 year old accused of stabbing a man to death
  • R V H (2006) - man accused of murder in Hackney
  • R V RM (2005) - shooting at two police officers
  • Drugs

  • R V JC (2005) - Represented 1 of 3 defendants accused of importing drugs from the Caribbean. Our client was one acquitted after trial
  • R V JL (2006) - Client accused of conspiracy to import 50ks of cocaine
  • R V V,N,N & Others (2007) - 3 family members charged with producing and supplying cannabis and possessing vast amounts of criminal property
  • R V D & Another(2007) - Client was connected to 42 properties that had been converted into "cannabis factories." Estimated value of cannabis produced was in the region of 2m (making it the biggest case of its kind).
  • R V D & Over 15 others (2008) - Huge shake down of cannabis cultivation in Hampshire
  • R V W&W & over 10 Others (2009) - Over 12 defendants in a large conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs, money launder, supply "legal highs" in Gloucestershire, Wales, Somerset and beyond.

    Fraud & Financial Crimes

  • R V SM (2005) - Man accused of being involved in a multi-million pound international, e-mail fraud
  • R V O (2005) - Man accused of "inventing" around 50 children for which large amounts of Child Tax Credit was claimed
  • R V GT (2007) - Multi-handed money laundering trial following a supply of drugs by others
  • R V OM & Others (2007) - Spree of commercial burglaries
  • R V AA (2009) - Large multi-handed mortgage fraud conspiracy
  • R V M (2010) - We successfully defended a trainee solicitor on 24 counts on "fraud by abuse of position"

  • Proceeds of Crime Act

  • R V LL (2008) - Confiscation with benefit exceeding 100,000.00
  • R V JL (2008) - Prosecution wanted 18,000,000.00 including "hidden assests", we reduced the fee to 180,000.00
  • R V J (2009) - Successfully varied a restraint order made against an international business man resulting in UK assets being frozen
  • R V MN (2010) - Prosecution stated our client's benefit from crime was near 1,000,000.00 - figure was reduced to less than 150,000.00 after submissions.

    Appeals, Judicial Reviews & Abuse of Process

  • R V G (2009) - Successfully demonstrated that police acted in "bad faith" during prosecution of our client - case was thrown out
  • R V A (2010) - Client approached us after already being convicted for importing drugs. We overturned conviction, and client was acquitted at re-trial
  • R V ZN (2010) - Successful Judicial Review of the decision by Thames Youth Court to allow the trial against our client to continue, when there has been significant failiures by Prosecution
  • R V RT (2010) - Successful "abuse of process" argument made, resulting in our client receiving a non-custodial setence after the Prosecution went back on a deal
  • R V TN(2010) - Client was acquitted and immediately released from prison following a re-hearing of the evidence once the Complainant was cross-examined on important issues missed by previous solicitors.

    Other Crime

  • R V AL & Others (2007) - Man was accused of being part of a gang who stole JCBs which were then used in stealing cash points
  • R V CR (2008) - A bouncer was acquitted of an allegation of GBH against a disgruntled drunken punter
  • R V Y (2008) - We negotiated a plea bargain involving the defence of intoxication for a Kung Fu master who was originally charged with S.18 GBH
  • R V TA & Others (2009) - A member of family all accused of falsely imprisoning, burning and raping another family member over a period of years
  • R V IO (2009) - An alleged mastermind of a kidnapping and blackmail plot in Norwich
  • R V JL (2010) - A man charged with wounding with intent. The force of the alleged stabbing was so severe the blade of the knife remained lodged in the complainant's skull. Client was acquitted
  • R V S & J (2010) - Two clients charged with rape. Both defendants were acquitted after successful "half-time" submissions.


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