The United Kingdom has an immigration programme that is aimed at attracting highly-skilled people into the country whether or not they have work waiting for them. By awarding points depending on fulfilling certain requirements individuals can become eligible for entry to the UK. Previously called the Highly-Skilled Migrant Programme this was changed on 30 June 2008 and is now known as Tier 1. People currently in the United Kingdom under the old system will need to apply under the appropriate Tier 1 category of the points-based system when their existing permission to stay ends.

Whether for a new application or renewal, the procedure is complex and requires documentary evidence to be supplied in a number of areas. Applicants need to show that they score 75 points or more in certain proscribed areas, ten points in two others and also demonstrate that they will be able to continue their chosen career in the United Kingdom.

They will also need to show that they can support themselves and their family without using public funds during their stay.

Ennon and Co have unique experience in preparing these applications to the British Embassy, High Commission or Home Office (depending on the applicant’s residence status) ensuring that the stringent requirements are satisfied by the applicant. Advice on all aspects of the procedure at every stage will assist in a trouble-free passage through the complicated legislation.

Highly skilled immigrant entry to the UK

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