Legal Aid for criminal matters

If you are on a low income then public funding may be available to pay for us to represent you at the Magistrates Court, Crown Court and even on appeal to the higher courts. If you are granted Legal Aid it should cover not only our fees but those of any barrister we instruct on your behalf.

The criteria for eligibility depend on income and the particular circumstances of your case. For example if you are charged with a criminal offence and face trial, your entitlement to legal aid will depend not only on your financial circumstances but also the seriousness of the charges that you face.

The calculations on entitlement to criminal legal aid are complicated but Ennon & Co will make sure that we compile a sound case to apply for funding on your behalf.
If you need 'one-off’ advice on a criminal matter, you may be eligible under the Legal Advice and Assistance Scheme. You need to be in receipt of most (though not all) benefits, or your weekly disposable income, after allowances for dependants, tax and NI, should not exceed the amount set out by the scheme.

Legal expenses Insurance

Many household and motor insurance policies include cover for legal expenses. You may find that legal expenses is an item included in your credit card facility, your mortgage or membership of a motoring organisation, trade union or a professional association.

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